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Landscape, Nature and Travel photographer

Pappu Sarkar is a nature and travel photographer born in West Bengal, India. He works as a medical device professional in Shenzhen, China. He has always been Imaginative and creative. As a child, he would doodle pictures of mountains and nature. But as doodles usually go, they were far from the illustrative images in his mind. Equipped with a camera, he was finally able to give life to the aesthetically pleasing images in his mind.

With nature as his inspiration, he was able to capture all kinds of mesmerizing sceneries, from the rocky mountains to the turbulent blue shades of the sea, he clicked away and captured everything with his trusty camera.

When he first started photography, his friends were amused and often commented things like, "Pappu, you have an artist inside." but the artist had no idea.

Pappu was unable to understand how people were able to interpret art, let alone visit art galleries to admire it! Expensive cameras with various lenses seemed intimidating to him. It was only at his first job when his employer taught him how to use a DSLR camera that Pappu was intrigued! Interested in learning more about the art, he embarked on a self-taught journey. All this effort is evident in his exquisite work.

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Photography for him is ‘An Experience’

Nature with its many vibrant colors consumed Pappu. It was therapy for him to pick up his camera and capture moments in reality. When times were stressful and draining, art healed him. Self-study and determination led him to travel and click away at the scenes laying before him.

When it comes to photography and meeting new people, Pappu loves it. Making new bonds and getting to introduce people to his art is thrilling for the artist. Additionally, his new friends love his art and his enthusiasm for it.

As an Artist, Pappu believes he has so much to learn. Traveling with other craftsmen, he realized that there is so much to experience, learn and capture. Self-doubt comes with adventure and hardships. but it’s only Pappu’s resilience that compels him to take on mountains and snowstorms.

His Landscape, Nature and Travel  Photography Services.

Pappu Sarkar loves to capture unseen, inviting landscapes all over the world. He likes to travel alone and concentrate on his work. Equipped with his camera and muse, he likes to follow many great photographers to learn and gain inspiration from their experiences.

He prefers to be imaginative, creative, and experimental with his art. Discovering unknown, untouched places is thrilling for him. He prefers to explore all kinds of genres but as nature is enriched with its libraries of genres, he prefers to focus more on it. After all, every picture is a new story.

Check out Pappu Sarkar’s website to see his fascinating work, read interesting stories about his adventures and create connections! Contact him for collaborations, either as an individual or an organization, for projects and casual work.

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